About Me

My Belief

I believe every individual has a secret story to tell. It is something unique to each individual and my mission is to connect with people who have these amazing stories which needs to be told. I do that, by connecting to strangers who have these amazing stories drawn from life or your own imagination. The world wants to know its secrets afterall.


Recent Stories

  • Women on Platform no. 8
    IT was my second year at boarding school, and I was sitting on platform #8 at Ambala station waiting for the train going north. I was about 12 at the time. My parents thought I was old enough to travel alone. I arrived by bus at Ambala early in the evening. Now there was a wait until midnight beforeContinue reading “Women on Platform no. 8”
  • Dear Diary!
    Does time heal all wounds? Really? I’m yet to find that out. There are things that takes birth during your journey in life and dies with you and only you know what that is. Perhaps this is a story I should not write or perhaps, it is something to be written…”My Dairy”. I was unableContinue reading “Dear Diary!”
  • Story of a LEGEND- Uttarakhand
    It was one of those dark nights everyone wishes to experience once in a lifetime and there’s always a hero who comes as a savior to save you. We three college friends were on our way to Chopta for Chandrashila trek after having enough of skiing at Auli. Well,Auli has been on my list forContinue reading “Story of a LEGEND- Uttarakhand”

Let Your Story Reach The World

Become a part of my “Stranger Project”. I meet strange people coming from diverse backgrounds and they have unique/weird stories to tell the world. As a part of my project, I need you to share your stories no matter how silly it seems to you.

Hey stranger,you are welcome to contribute and share your amazing story. You can share it through contact or mail (rahulrcks13@gmail.com).

My aim is to get connected to a lot of people via online or through meet up to proceed further with the project. Please feel free to connect.

How You Can Help

Send Articles/write up

Write anything you feel the world must know, it can be about what you feel or have experienced from life,travel,food,culture,people, etc.

Meet Up

You can join us to travel the less traveled and far off places across India or abroad. Please contact for more information.

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